• Past Life Readings

    Past Life Readings


    I have been reading professionally since 1994 and work with people who are interested in the idea of reincarnation and karma, and who want to look at their past to gain more insight and clarity into their present life experiences. Many people have found that past life information is healing. By knowing the past life events that caused our emotions to be entrapped, we are then free to let those emotions go, and move forward in more loving harmony. The knowledge of the past life event, and the subsequent releasing of the emotion that follows, allows us to live more fully in the present. We also are not drawn to repeating the patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships that were based on the negative emotion we were holding on to.
  • Sand in the Gears

    Sand in the Gears


    Sand in the Gears - Weblog featuring Tony Woodlief's humorous short takes on politics, life, and American culture.
  • The Rant:  Political Writings from a Wal-Mart Hating Notre Dame Populist

    The Rant: Political Writings from a Wal-Mart Hating Notre Dame Populist


    The Rant: Political Writings from a Wal-Mart Hating Notre Dame Populist - Commentary on Wal-Mart, the ills of American society, and various other issues.
  • The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

    The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge


    The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - Christian mission agency - publishing, book selling and grant-making.
  • L'Abri Fellowship

    L’Abri Fellowship


    L'Abri Fellowship - Founded by Francis Schaeffer, operating resource centers worldwide, seeking answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life.
  • Methodist Peace Fellowship

    Methodist Peace Fellowship


    Methodist Peace Fellowship - Association of Methodist pacifists within the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Offers overview and publications.
  • Daley Planet

    Daley Planet


    Daley Planet - Personal website of planetary patriot Tad Daley. Ideas for preventing genocide and another 9-11.
  • Office of Reconciliation Ministries

    Office of Reconciliation Ministries


    Office of Reconciliation Ministries - Seek to help mend broken relationships and restore harmony and friendship among people of all ethnic or racial groups. Offers overview, racism defined, mission, works, staff, publications, events and resources.
  • Friends don't let friends...

    Friends don’t let friends…


    Friends don't let friends... - The Origin of Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democrat and Republican.
  • Blog Arundel

    Blog Arundel


    Blog Arundel - A weblog dedicated to exploring political, social, and environmental issues in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
  • SnowStar Institute

    SnowStar Institute


    SnowStar Institute - Sponsors religious dialogue in four arenas: historical Jesus, inter-religious, global theology, and ex-church dissention.