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Society « High Directory


  • Past Life Readings

    Past Life Readings

    Website: http://pastlifereadings.com/

    I have been reading professionally since 1994 and work with people who are interested in the idea of reincarnation and karma, and who want to look at their past to gain more insight and clarity into their present life experiences. Many people have found that past life information is healing. By knowing the past life events that caused our emotions to be entrapped, we are then free to let those emotions go, and move forward in more loving harmony. The knowledge of the past life event, and the subsequent releasing of the emotion that follows, allows us to live more fully in the present. We also are not drawn to repeating the patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships that were based on the negative emotion we were holding on to.
  • Friends don't let friends...

    Friends don’t let friends…

    Website: http://home.comcast.net/~waltsullivan/Friends%20don't%20let%20friends.html

    Friends don't let friends... - The Origin of Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Democrat and Republican.
  • Firefighters for Christ

    Firefighters for Christ

    Website: http://www.firefighters.org/

    Firefighters for Christ - Tape library ministry providing without charge hundreds of messages (cassette tape or CD) by mail or as audio files online. Organized by book, theme, and author.
  • L'Abri Fellowship

    L’Abri Fellowship

    Website: http://www.labri.org/

    L'Abri Fellowship - Founded by Francis Schaeffer, operating resource centers worldwide, seeking answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life.
  • The World According to Bill Fisher

    The World According to Bill Fisher

    Website: http://billfisher.blogspot.com/

    The World According to Bill Fisher - Articles on international development, foreign policy, human rights, geopolitics, and journalism.
  • Restoration Fellowship

    Restoration Fellowship

    Website: http://www.focusonthekingdom.org/

    Restoration Fellowship - Dedicated to the recovery of the Gospel about the Kingdom as Jesus preached it.
  • The Center for Progressive Christianity

    The Center for Progressive Christianity

    Website: http://www.tcpc.org/

    The Center for Progressive Christianity - Statement of belief, directory of progressive churches, organizations, and individuals, message boards, and links. Includes resources on art, culture, theology, religious education, youth, ministries, organizational leadership, and spiritual exploration.
  • Power, Violence and Poverty

    Power, Violence and Poverty

    Website: http://www.fragmentsweb.org/fourtx/subpower.html

    Power, Violence and Poverty - Essays on power and its relationship to violence, poverty and social change.
  • SnowStar Institute

    SnowStar Institute

    Website: http://www.snowstarinstitute.org/

    SnowStar Institute - Sponsors religious dialogue in four arenas: historical Jesus, inter-religious, global theology, and ex-church dissention.
  • Blog Arundel

    Blog Arundel

    Website: http://arundel.blogspot.com/

    Blog Arundel - A weblog dedicated to exploring political, social, and environmental issues in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
  • Christian Police Association

    Christian Police Association

    Website: http://www.cpauk.net/

    Christian Police Association - Witnessing to police officers and providing fellowship to Christian officers in the UK. Welcome, history, staff, members, branches, adopt a cop, publications, forum and aims.